Monday, October 13, 2008

Those Fat Cyclist jerseys are awfully tight

Happy Monday, all. I spent Saturday jammed into crowded trolley buses so I could watch the US Navy Blue Angels fly into Coit Tower during Fleet Week.

Fleet Week 2009 Blue Angels over San Francisco Bay

Next time, I'll bring a bicycle.

A Fat Cyclist jersey was seen on Oklahoma television!

My apologies to Ed -- he posted about Thelma and Doris over the weekend.

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Ed W said...

No need to apologize, Fritz. It just goes to show that great minds think alike! Or maybe we use the same search functions, I dunno.

Great photo of the Blue Angels. I saw them at the Latrobe airport many years ago. I was standing in a parking lot north of the airfield when one of the planes went over low enough that I could make out the pilot and most of the cockpit...because he was flying upside down. The weird thing was the lack of noise for a military jet. When the Air Guard F-16s fly out of TUL, they go at full power sans afterburners, but it's still VERY loud.