Friday, October 03, 2008

Montebello Road Hill Climb

I ran into Ahpook this morning on the train. I was in some old torn up cotton pants and a sweat stained t-shirt; I gave him a hard time about the full kit he had on for his quarter mile ride from the Caltrain station to his job.

He's doing the Montebello Road Hill Climb this weekend as part of the 2008 Low Key Hill Climb series. The point of these low key hill climbs is to have fun and meet people. You show up, register, start and climb to the top at your own pace. Some fly up, others ride in groups and chat with their friends.

I haven't decided yet if I'll show up or not. It's supposed to rain over the weekend, so probably not (yeah, I'm a ninny).


-p said...

Yeah, isn't the top of the climb dirt? May be a mud fest.

Ah Pook (Eric S) said...

p it stops at the end of the road, not over the fence on the fire roads.

fritz in my defense, it's the 4 miles i have to cover from home to the train station that i dress for :)

Yokota Fritz said...

But the quarter mile part makes a better story :-)

kit said...

This sounded fun but looking at the photos from last year, "low key" still looks like a bunch of dudes in lycra riding $3K+ carbon fiber. :/