Monday, October 06, 2008

Slovenia bicycle blog

Marteja here works with Robert Logie at Big Fish Bicycles in Slovenia.

The Human Business Card

I didn't have a chance to visit their Interbike booth, but caught them on the way out as we left Friday evening. They were out of business cards so Robert and Marteja suggested I take a photo of her back as a human business card.

What caught my eye were the unique folding bicycles they were carrying. I'll write more about them over at Commute By Bike sometime this week (promise!), but they also have a really cute blog called The Big Fish Bike blog. Robert speaks with a thick Slavic accent, but his blog writing is perfect and witty. His English is, in any case, much better than my command of Slovene.

The bikes are not available in North America, but Interbike 2008 was Big Fish's first foray into the American market. Robert tells me dealer interest was strong and they're in talks with a distributor.

The Big Fish Bike blog from Slovenia.


LegoAndy said...

Just FYI, I grew up in Slovenia and there is no such name as Marteja. I think you have a typo. My sister's name is actually Marjeta and I am pretty sure that is what you meant.

By the way, Slovenia is an excellent cycling destination. I will be there in about two weeks.

RWAL said...
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Anonymous said...

Haha, this is the aforementioned Robert "Logic". I like the connection, but it's actually Logie :) and I'm from Scotland, not a Slavic country :)

thanks a lot for the great article though!

Just to let you know - you can now buy Bigfish in the USA from

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks so much for dropping by here, Robert!

Any plans for Interbike next month? I'd like to take a look at the Big Fish folding bikes.