Friday, October 03, 2008

Bicycling in the San Lorenzo Valley

The San Lorenzo Valley Press Banner published a story about the walking and cycling conditions along State Highway 9 in Santa Cruz County.
For San Lorenzo Valley residents between Boulder Creek and Felton, Highway 9 is the primary — and sometimes only — option to reach businesses and school by foot or bike. But the two-lane highway is not especially pedestrian or cyclist-friendly.

Blind curves, areas with mere inches of shoulder, falling mountain debris, low-light conditions, inexperienced tourist traffic, drunken drivers and speeders are some of the reasons the road can be a hazard to pedestrians’ health.
The article mentions a possible trail alongside the Big Trees & Pacific tourist railroad that runs between Santa Cruz and Felton. The railroad right of way already a popular bicycling route between Santa Cruz and Felton -- I know people who commute daily along the tracks from the Santa Cruz Mountains into Santa Cruz.

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