Monday, August 11, 2008

Bicycle sidecars

Bicycle with sidecar in Munich
"Bicycle sidecar" is, interestingly enough, one of my top search hits. People land on this page about the Smike "Two-for-one" bicycle and sidecar.

There's a whole page of custom made bicycle sidecars that I found via Treadly and Me.

Bicycle sidecars are also featured at this German "Cruiser King" cycling blog.


jeffy said...

I visited the Philippines a couple of years ago and virtually every bike I saw there had a sidecar. (All the motorbikes had sidecars too).

Here are a few pictures.

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks Jeffy.

Do you mind if I post one or two of your photos and link to your photoset in a post?

James said...

So it is Yokota Fritz now? When did that happen?

Yokota Fritz said...

I've been seeing a couple of other Fritzes online and was confusing even myself :-)

I might change to my real name someday soon. When I started blogging I wanted to be anonymous but that quickly went by the wayside.

Glen McBeth said...

Here is a video that shows my bike with sidecar, stationary, in the philippines. I wish I could make or get one here just like it. my wife would love it.

These are ubiquitous in the Philippines, rigidly attached, and they use them to carry loads that only trucks would carry in the west.

Yokota Fritz said...

Thanks Glen -- neat stuff!