Friday, August 15, 2008

Road bikes are hawt

Road bike

From 自転車通勤で行こう! / Bicycle Commuting! This guy's story is basically that riding the train to work is the pits, but bicycling is the best.


Ed W said...

Oh, the horror!

First, he's not wearing lycra. He'll have saddle sores sprouting like mushrooms after a spring rain.

Second, the bike is too big for him. Insufficient 'nad room. High squeaky voice. Say no more.

Third, the wheels have no spokes.

Fourth, it's equipped with Shimano components. Heresy!

Fifth, no water bottles, no pump, no spare tube - the mark of a raw newbie.

And finally, I can see at a glance that the frame is laterally stiff while being vertically compliant.

I'm gonna go have more coffee now.

bryantp said...

There are other Yokota commuters (we don't all wear lycra or least visibly). I'm going to get this translated when I get to work Monday...maybe I know him?

Yokota Fritz said...

The text, from left to right says:

"Firm saddle."

"Forward leaning position."

"Road bikes are best for commuting, but..."

Translation courtesy my friend Naoto.