Monday, August 11, 2008

Conspiracy theory: Beijing security disguised as old women misdirect potential threats

An old woman sitting by the side of a fork gave the driver wrong directions [ to the men's Olympic road racing course ]. Once he realized it, he yelled, “Liar, liar. She purposedly told us to go the wrong way.”


“She’s the security for this area.”

The claim: Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee seemingly hired the woman to make sure spectators couldn’t find their way to the route.

Read more: Inside the Rings blog.

In other news, Spanish cyclist Maria Isobel Moreno test positive for EPO

"I'm disgusted and annoyed that it's a Spanish girl who is the first positive doping test from the Games," UCI President Pat McQaid said. "The Spanish have been lax in their attitude to doping and this positive test is the result of that. They need to deal with that issue."

Moreno, who left the Olympic Village after her blood test but before the results were revealed, did not participate in the women's road race. She has been expelled from the games. Previous news reported Moreno left Beijing because of anxiety attacks.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Cycling.


bikesgonewild said... "ha ha ha ha ha !"...i'm betting if that old woman was hired as "security" by the booc that she has probably been monitoring & reporting on her neighbors since the days of mao tse tung...

...patty mcqaid is "disgusted & annoyed" that it's a spanish cyclist in particular to get popped for 'epo' at the 'games'...i'm just disgusted & annoyed that it's ANY cyclist...

Fritz said...

At least that cab driver was able to speak his mind about the "security lady." I'm not sure that would have been so possible in the days of Mao.

I put the "Ha ha ha" because I was laughing at the picture I had in my mind, of the Chinese speaking cab driver ranting about the wrong directions.

bikesgonewild said...

...ah, so (whoops, sorry)...i had a different picture in my mind...

...i saw the "ha ha ha ha ha" coming from the old lady as she sat, cackling away on her little stool, happy as a lark because she not only turned away the security threat of imperialistic western visitors but she also fooled the defeatist chinese man who had obviously become their indentured lackey...