Sunday, August 31, 2008

Royal Carriage

Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands carries his daughters, Princess Alexia and Princess Catharina, in his box bike while his wife Princess Maxima totes Princess Ariane on the back of her bicycle.

Dutch Royal Family Photocall


Anonymous said...

This is a little off-topic. I uploaded a tv-program 'Cyckelkultur i Danmark' (Bike Culture in Denmark) onto Gigasize. Download at

'Cykelkultur i Danmark' (2003, produced by '3113film')

262 MB, 28 minutes, 600x400 MP4

There's a little bit about many things, from exotic and vintage bike designs to the everyday use of bikes for transportation.

The reporter speaks Swedish, interviewees Danish and French. There are no subtitles (maybe someone can make English subtitles?). The film was shown on FST5 (the Swedish-language department of the Finnish public broadcasting company YLE).

Anonymous said...

no helmet on even the baby?