Friday, August 29, 2008

LeMond bicycles used to train Iranian troops!

From BR&IN, regarding the lawsuit between LeMond and Trek:
In an odd twist, an inmate at a federal prison in Williamsburg, South Carolina filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit in July, alleging that he and other inmates produce bikes for LeMond under the Federal Prison Industry Unicor Program for 12 cents an hour, a violation of minimum wage laws. The inmate also claimed LeMond bicycle are shipped to Iranian troops for training purposes, violating the “Training with Enemy” Act.

Via Interbike Times.


Jared said...

So was this before or after Trek let the company go?

fixedgear said...

Federal contracting (DoD) type here. The center I work at buys food, clothing, medical supplies an some hardware items for troop issue. UNICOR aka FPI is huge, they make uniforms that our troops wear in Iraq. But is it April Fool's Day? Wouldn't that be 'trading with the enemy?' Inmate pun?