Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cervelo fork recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Cervelo have announced a recall of the Wolf SL Carbon Fiber Bicycle Fork. The forks steerer can break during normal use, causing the rider to lose control, fall and suffer serious injuries. Ron of Cozy Beehive has posted some photos of broken forks

Cervelo has received 12 reports of forks cracking or breaking, resulting in one consumer suffering a broken wrist and another suffering minor abrasions.

The recalled forks have a clear coating over black painted carbon fiber, with the words "Wolf Superlite" and related logo just below the crown on each fork leg, and the letters "SL" on each leg above the fork blade dropouts. There is a True Temper CRT� logo on the inside of both fork legs. The recalled forks could have been included on the following bicycle models: R3, R3 SL, Soloist Carbon, Soloist Carbon SL, and certain P3 Carbon framesets and complete bicycles.

See more information at the Cervelo fork recall web page.

Electra expands Amsterdam recall

Electra Bicycle Company expanded their existing recall of several Amsterdam models to include more models: Classic 3, Original 3, Royal 8, and Sport 3 styles. The alignment tabs on the chainguard can push against the chain, causing it to derail. More info from Electra Bicylces on this PDF.


Daniel said...

I hope new consumers realize that this is still a quality bike company.

Yokota Fritz said...

I think it says something positive about a company that voluntarily recalls products. It seems to me that Cervelo acted reasonably quickly.