Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day

By the time this is posted I'll be away from the computer, probably for the entire weekend. In the United States we have a three day weekend with our Labor Day holiday, but I have a couple of celebrity bike goodies planned for automatic posting over the weekend. If you haven't noticed the little teaser at the top of the site, I have a nice giveaway planned for September -- a Monkey Electric bike light. Watch for it!

Politics (sort of). Bicycling is listed as one of Governor Sarah Palin's hobbies; I've hunted around the web for a photo of her on a bike but came up empty. Perhaps Jill up in Alaska can help us out in the department.

Heather on her Rans bicycle. I've tried this bike -- it's pretty nice. Photo by Vik Banerjee.

Here's some weekend bicycling goodies to read about, mixed in with other nonsense. We'll begin with the doping front, in which we learn that video game players take performance enhancing substances!

Lindsay and Hannah paddle bike down the Mississippi River.

A college professor asks might Rob Anderson be right? What is the cost and benefit of adding bike lanes in San Francisco?

Boing Boing: Scofflaw cyclists to be "shamed" by posting photos of them in the act. Oh, brother.

MAKE: Convert your roof bike rack into a trailer hitch rack.

Yehuda Moon: Most of my rides are like this.

Bike & Chain a novel that's not a novel that's the "ultimate guide to bicycle culture."

Pedicabs do brisk business in Denver.

Inspirational: The Power of One.

Rivendell: Bike prices are going up.

I should start a new "Bike Rants" blog. Here's a candidate from Ukiah, California: Bicyclists are arrogant, narcissistic and useless.

A nice, steel frame road bike from Fuji!

Trek: Interview with bike designer Michael Leighton on the "District 96" fixed gear bike from Trek.

Masi in Bicycling Magazine.

Ride Charlotte used one of my bike photos.

Velo Vogue: Bangladesh rickshaw photos. Truck bikes / cargo bikes and other work bikes too.

Have a great weekend, all!


Arleigh said...

I enjoy the format!

Thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

What happened to the seat tube on that bike? Looks like something heavy bent it over? :) Or is the purpose of this so that you can reach the ground yet still have the proper length to the pedals?

Yokota Fritz said...

Anon: That's the Rans Street bicycle. It's like a cross between a recumbent and a traditional diamond frame bike. I've tried them out and they're actually quite nice to ride.