Monday, August 25, 2008

Bike through flooded streets

What happens when raging floods close local streets to motor vehicle traffic? Hop on the bike and go, like this man does on Zhongshan West Road as heavy rains flood over 100 homes and 60 streets in downtown Shanghai on August 25. Look how happy the cyclist is moving through the water, while the motorist looks on dourly anticipating the expense of repairing his Honda.

Heaviest Rainstorm In A Century Struck Shanghai

Just be prepared for those hidden hazards -- I flipped completely over once when I hit a pothole covered by water. A lurking photographer watching you with his camera at the ready is a sure sign of hidden dangers.


kit said...

aww man, that picture of the poor chap holding the umbrella eating it just breaks my heart.

on the other hand, the happy guy whizzing by the disabled vehicle almost makes up for it. :)

Anonymous said...

And then, once you get home, you'll have to rebuild your hubs and bottom bracket....

Yokota Fritz said...

@kit -- It was good meeting you and your wife over the weekend! I hope you had fun on your little trip.

@tommy -- well, yeah. But I figure a $50 Flying Pigeon is probably cheaper to repair (or even replace) than that Honda Accord.