Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Octagenarian tandem tourers

This is such a sweet story!
Fred and Edith White have just celebrated their diamond wedding and say enjoying day trips on a tandem is one of the things that has kept them together.

Their passion for cycling began in 1949 about a year after they got married.

They were living in Morden, Surrey and Fred, 81, said: "We bought the tandem from a neighbour for £25."

Later family outings included the couple's children, Brenda and Peter, in a sidecar.

Since buying their second tandem they have clocked up another 2,000 miles but nowadays tandem trips are usually restricted to the local shops.

Occasionally, though, they like to venture further afield with a spin down to Lee-on-the-Solent. They take their frying pan and have breakfast on the beach before returning home with a "bicycle made for two" ringing in their ears.
Read more in the Southern Daily Echo, UK.

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bikesgonewild said...

...the above "denver cops/ bicycle" incident made me so mad, i hadda backtrack just to comment on this cool little story...

...would that i, should i be graced w/ the opportunity to be healthily riding at that age, have the good fortune to still be enjoying the pleasures of the ride w/ some nice lady friend...

...thanks for the uplift, yokota fritz...