Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Free Credit Report ad with bicycles

Everybody's jumping on the bike bandwagon in this ad with corny lyrics.

Gas prices blowing up sky high
Ditched my use subcompact for a two wheel ride
Now I'm rollin eco-friendly
But I still look bad
When the bike store saw my credit
They said this was all they had.
I think the bike looks splendid, and part of the beauty of buying a bike is affordability. Via.

San Francisco Ciclovia criticism and activity.

More important news: Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are splitsville!

Shimano's new electronic Dura Ace Di2. "The derailleurs ... talk to each other and automatically adjust so the chain doesn't rub. They also calibrate themselves, so you don't have to play with cable tension to maintain shift quality as cables stretch and the chain and cogs wear."

I was fooled by this headline: Lindsay Lohan hit by bike. It turns out it was a motorcycle.

Boing Boing talks about Monkey Electric.

Look pedal Recall: Look Cycle USA announced a recall of their KEO clipless pedals. The spindle can break. Look Cycle has received 14 reports of incidents with broken pedals, including 7 injuries which resulted in scrapes, cuts, contusions, elbow pain, and a knee injury. The recalled bicycle pedals are black and were sold separately from bicycles. Pedal models include KEO Classic, KEO Sprint, KEO HM and KEO Carbon. Recall details here.


James said...

Yikes, better check the date on my pedals. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Check it out Gas prices blowin up sky high,
Ditched my used subcompact for a two wheeled ride,
Now I'm rollin Eco-friendly but i still look bad,
When the bike store saw my credit they said, "This was all they had,"

I'm singin,
F to the R to the E to the E,
To the C to the R to the E D I T,
RE to the PORT to the DOT the the COM,
Come on everybody grab your bike and sing along it's easy...