Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free bikes overrun Denver

Bike Denver's Tracy Halasinski went around Denver the other day looking for the Freewheelin bikes to take photos of and didn't have to go far. ". I was really excited when I saw my first Freewheelin bikes around, then realized they were all over and I couldn't take a picture of each one," she writes.

1000 bikes are available to borrow during the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. As of last night, over 2,700 riders have put nearly 7,000 miles on the bikes. Mileage is recorded for each bike an total mileages are tallied on large electronic boards at the bike rental stations. You can view live streaming video of several Denver Freewheelin stations to see how busy these folks actually are. A couple of stations just have a couple of guys sitting around with their feet on the table, but most of them seem pretty busy. It's good to see.


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Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that the police are carefully monitoring and observing every one of those riders in order to prevent any terrorist activity. You'd think they would just shut down the whole operation at the source to keep a lid on this hotbed of potential disruptive activity. Val