Friday, August 22, 2008

Real estate agents show houses by bicycle

Last June, I pointed you to Eric, the real estate agent in Chicago who does showings by bike. The Wall Street Journal reports on what they call a nascent development: Agents Show Houses by Bike, Pointing Out Paths, Racks, 'Tuck-Under' Garage. The article talks about how bike-friendliness is becoming an important criteria for many home buyers, and riding a bike around the neighborhood is naturally a good way to determine that.

In Boulder, Colorado, Pedal to Properties is a full service real estate company that keeps a fleet of bicycles for clients to use on showings. They go out every Wednesday night with their clients on bikes.

Cool stuff.

Update: Eric the Chicago real estate agent was interviewed for a similar story.


Eric Rojas said...

Thanks for the article today. I'm going to post it (between everything else I have to do!). Two other readers sent it as well. Ha!

I was interviewed by the AP this week for a similar story the writer is working on.

Look for your blog link in a new section I'll add for cycling in Chicago and related sites.


James said...

Real estate agents showing houses by bike makes a lot of sense. I just saw a video on Crank My Chain on that very subject. I hope it is idea that spreads.

Seth Teel said...

There is a Coldwell Banker-Gundaker in the Benton Park Neighborhood of St. Louis, that has what they call the "CBG Bike Garage." They provide bike showings for perspective buyers. Its probably the best way to tour that neighborhood.